The Cooper Union
School of Architecture

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Professors Diana Agrest, MariaElena Fanna, Erik l'Heureux, Christian Mare, and Catherine Seavitt–Nordenson

Architectural Reading
The questions of site, siting, formal configuration, sequence and program explored through the readings of buildings from the history of 20th Century Architecture. These issues were further explored through readings of a New York City site, the Sarah Delano Roosevelt Park.
Transformations were performed based on the generated sequences and previous readings, and the incorporation of program generating a project for a Youth Center for neighboring communities.

Urban Transformations
Generation of Architecture through the transformation of Urban Form.
Site: Stuyvesant Town and equivalent area between 14th Street and 20th Street west of 1st Avenue. Readings of the site in terms of public, semi-public and private. Domains, Green Plane, Networks of Activities and Density were developed.
Transformations were first performed through change in density and increase in the amount of open space and through emphasis on concepts of Movement, Sequence, Articulations and Transitions. Based on transformation and program, another transformation was developed on one selected fabric block generating courtyard housing.