Foundation Building
Foundation Building after Eidlitz's Renovation

In 1891 Leopold Eidlitz was again commissioned to redesign the upper stories of the building. He began by first tearing down the majority of the sixth, seventh and eighth floors. On the Northwest side of the sixth floor, three large saw tooth skylights and four smaller skylights were added. New classrooms were added to the other areas of the floor, with dramatically improved ceiling heights. Along the east side of the building, the seventh floor was replaced with classrooms only accessible from the sixth floor lobby. The entire eighth floor was removed, and what today is known as the Peter Cooper Suite was added in its place, including a clock with a larger face. The triangular pediments on both the south and north façade were removed, and on the south replaced with five square windows. Because of these dramatic changes, only a small portion of the 1878-1881 additions still remain on the building’s façade.