The Cooper Union
School of Architecture


Project for a new mixed-use neighborhood in Boulogne Billancourt, 30 minutes west of Paris on the Seine on the 65-acre site where Renault Industries was located.

The Renault site in Boulogne, located between city and river, required a different type of urbanism, one that could reconcile habitat, workplace, and nature. A new urban morphology based on green pathways and gardens at street intersections, links public green spaces and gardens in the core of the blocks. This new morphology creates an urban lifestyle where working and living take place within a continuous landscape. The
Built volumes construct the discovery of this landscape where building and nature interrelate in unexpected ways.

A new park with an esplanade on the Seine provides this new district with a façade on the river. The project works as a transition between the existing city and the new park. While the gridded system of streets extends the city into the new district, the organic green pathways that obey hydrological conditions extend the new park into the district. Private gardens continue the logic of the park to provide the overall feeling of a city in the park, in the tradition of neighborhoods like Neuilly or Vesinet.

Project team: Agrest and Gandelsonas Architects, Antoine Grumbach & Associés, and Atelier Seraji.

Professor, Proportional-Time Faculty