The Cooper Union
School of Architecture


The house complex comprises a house, a pool house, and a sculpture garden. It is located on a 5-acre lot with very open views extending to the Mountains on the North and Madrid in the distance to the South. The clients are a young family consisting of parents and three children with house keeping staff.

The house is conceived as a "Z" shaped volume wrapped around a courtyard. The front facade is a stone wall while the back is more permeable through the large openings and the use of glass.

The spaces inside the house are a series of lofts, holding the various activities in a way that allows both for the definition of each particular function and the continuous flow of space.

There are different ways of circulating through the common spaces; for example, there is a sequence from the dining room to the living room through the courtyard and then out to the porch. This sequence is rich with the play of transparencies and reflections as one moves through the front to the back of the house. The entire house may be used and enjoyed in many different ways depending on the activities of each day.

Professor, Proportional-Time Faculty