The Cooper Union
School of Architecture

Tromsø, Norway

House Prototypes
A cross-combination of different criteria, with degrees, applies to creating house typologies. Besides housing, the "space for living," our proposal understands that a dwelling holds, in certain degrees, work and leisure activities. House = Basic Functions + Work + Leisure. The degrees vary depending on the inhabitant. Studio or office spaces are provided in many of the units. In some cases there is a separate entry to the working area, or it is located on a different floor, or it has a different orientation. Spaces are Multifunctional: Same space for different activities, or Unifunctional: One space for each activity. House attention to weather conditions: Summer/Winter. Type of inhabitant: Professional, Family, with children, Elder, Student, Temporary. All houses have double orientation, provide shared and isolated spaces, and have multiple views. Houses are arranged vertically and horizontally (touching the ground or elevated from the ground.) Circulation in the building is vertical or horizontal.

Assistant Professor, Adjunct Faculty