The Cooper Union
School of Architecture


The new Boston Institute of Contemporary Art will be located on the harbor at Fan Pier in south Boston. The 60,000 square foot building includes 20,000 square feet of galleries, a multi-use performance theater, a restaurant, bookstore, mediatheque, and education/workshop facilities. The new ICA accommodates two sometimes rival objectives: a civic building filled with many public activities, and a private, and contemplative building for viewing contemporary art. The former is built from the ground up; the latter from the sky down. The Boston harborwalk, a public pedestrian boardwalk encircling the harbor, passes in front of the ICA and, metaphorically, folds into the building to become part of the architecture. This pliable wrapper folds into a "grandstand" facing the water, and continues to envelop the restaurant and theater. Atop the wrapper sits a translucent box, naturally lit from above, and cantilevered over the public space below, containing the galleries. The ICA is scheduled to open in spring of 2006.

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