The Cooper Union
School of Architecture


101 West End Avenue, located on the corner of West 64th Street and West End Avenue in New York, is a 39-story concrete building with an approximate gross area of 650,000 Square foot. The approximate total construction cost of the project is $110,000,000. This site was formerly the printing plant building for the New York Times. The building is an L-shape, with one leg, 200 feet long by 75 feet wide, oriented in the North-South direction connecting to the other leg, 240 feet long by 75 feet wide, oriented in the East-West direction. The two legs meet in the Southeast corner of the property. The North Wing of the building stops at the 13th Floor, leaving a rectangular shape 220 feet long by 72 feet wide. At the 19th floor the building splits into an East and West Tower, each 72 feet by 72 feet square. There are three sub-grade levels used for parking, two retail floors, 31 residential floors, and two mechanical floors. The elevation of the top of the building is 415 feet.

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