The Cooper Union
School of Architecture


The relationship between the plastic arts of architecture, sculpture and painting has been essential to the development of architecture for the past five hundred years. The installation was an attempt to explore the possible contemporary relationship s between these three disciplines in an existing architectural space. The installation was situated at Midway Gallery in Chicago, IL. The exhibition consisted of a combination of autonomous and site specific objects. A field of “Astroturf” transformed the space of the gallery creating a field in which various objects were located throughout the gallery space. The scale and relations of the various objects allowed the viewer to circulate and examine the specific nuiances of the objects and the space they created. Upon inspection the objects revealed hints of reflectivity, transparency and opacity. The primary material use to fabricate the sculptural objects were mirrors and polystyrene (a typical construction material). The lightness and synthetic quality of the objects allude to notions of fabrication/nature, the real and the imagined.

Instructor, Adjunct Faculty