The Cooper Union
School of Architecture


Semifinalist in the international competition 2003
(with Daniel Schuetz and Maik Seidel)

"The medium is the medium" (NJP), and the architecture is the architecture.

The task of the competition was to propose a museum that is designed for the display of the work of the Korean video-artist Nam June Paik in Suwon, Korea. It raised the question about the relation between architecture and electronic art.

The proposal is based on certain principles and characteristics of the artists medium, the TV which are translated into tectonic conditions; the building reacts to the given site like TV relates to reality: as a filtered and transformed reproduction.

An cube internalizes both the surrounding city and landscape and reproduces them in the language of architecture: In plan, the museum is a city; galleries, administration and all the other functions inhabit the individual houses of this city; in section, the museum is a landscape. The topography of this landscape is the circulation of the museum. It consists of ramps and terraces.

The display of the artworks of Nam June Paik requires various kinds of gallery spaces. They vary in size, shape, and lighting.

Assistant Professor, Adjunct Faculty