The Cooper Union
School of Architecture

Competition Entry 1998

The founding of this institution mirrors the effort to create an international forum for the world-wide movement for holistic medicine. In this building, functions are brought together in a compact but vivid weave. Different programatic parts are revealed as a dense whole rather than as fragmented singularities. Lines of passages structure the building through cuts and "Bands of Movement". The topography of the hillside is projected into the building as an abstract system of staircases that carry one throughout the program. This staircase not only functions as a programatic entity, but also serves as a vessel for the exploration and discovery of unique relationships between landscape and building.

The northern side of the building contains the entry with administration and the therapy section. Communal functions such as lecture hall, library and meditation rooms are contained within the central portion of the building. They connect both to the piazza and the garden. A cafeteria and apartments with communal terraces run along the perimeter, facing the landscape.

Physical attributes and program coincide to establish a tectonic organism. There is no separation between program, structure, form and the relation to its habitat.

Assistant Professor, Adjunct Faculty