The Cooper Union
School of Architecture

2nd Prize in international ideas competition 2004
(with Daniel Schutz and Yael Erel) 

The task of this competition was to propose an exhibitional expanse for the art of the neo-dadaist theater director and painter Tadeusz Kantor in the historic district of Cracow, Poland. The collections to be housed in this museum consist of objects from performances, theoretical writings, drawings and paintings.

The proposed structure is an architectural reflection on several aspects of the work and life of the artist. His obsession with wrapping and concealing objects is mirrored in the urban gesture of blank perimeter walls that frame the long and narrow corner site between the extisting Krysztofory Palace and townhouses. Within these walls, a hidden stack of structural boxes creates an environment of tectonic instability for the exposition of absurd objects and machines.

Assistant Professor, Adjunct Faculty