The Cooper Union

John Hejduk
Edited by Astri Than

John Hejduk is spiritually the most building human being I have ever met. His every thought, his entire poetic world, is expressed with the precision of the working drawing.–Sverre Fehn

Published to document the 1989 construction of John Hejduk's 'Security,' (a structure from Victims, designed for the city of Berlin) by a group of architects, teachers and a student class of the Oslo School of Architecture within Christiania Square, Oslo’s first city square of 1630. At that time it was the city’s center, surrounded by the city hall, hospital, and cathedral. To the southwest is Akerhus fortress which dates to the early thirteen hundreds, that became the headquarters of the Nazis during the German occupation from 1940 to 1945. This history made the site an apt locus for Security’s many conceptual layers.

This bilingual edition featuring essays by Sverre Fehn and Astri Than, with poems by David Shapiro. Photographic essays by Annette Faltin and Hélène Binet. Designed by Terje Langeggen/Krasis, Oslo.

96 PAGES, 7 X 10 1/2