The Cooper Union
School of Architecture

Madrid, Spain

In Social housing one does not choose one's apartment; therefore, everybody has to have good luck, or all the apartments must be good.

The building is elevated 5 floors from ground. This way, one can see the trains but the train passengers don’t gaze into one's living-room. This way the noise of the train may be quite similar, but the perception of it will be changed. It is well known that the noises that bother the most are not the loudest.

Housing units are treated with extreme care and detail. In a housing project, priority has to go into the quality of the houses. Houses have double entries (autonomy unit: work and office) or double height (great views), or double façades (cross circulation and double façades); different priorities for different needs and different inhabitant types.

Angel Borrego, Angel Jaramillo, Jana Leo

Assistant Professor, Adjunct Faculty