The Cooper Union
School of Architecture

LEFT: Torre Mayor Tower, Mexico City, Mexico.
LEFT: Trump World Tower, United Nations Plaza, NYC.

Professor Rahimian received his BCSE from the Sheriff University of Technology (1979) and his MSCE (1980) and Ph.D. (1986) from the Polytechnic University of New York. A registered Engineer in the States of New York and California, Professor Rahimian is an Executive Vice-President at Cantor Seinuk Group.

Professor Rahimian teaches ARCH 190, Structures Elective. Professor Rahimian's recent publications include: "Withstanding the Forces of Nature," Concrete Engineering (2001); "Trump World Tower-The Tallest Residential building in the World", Portland Cement Association (1999); and "Coupled Truss Walls with Damped Link Elements" and "The Tallest Building in Mexico City," The Second International Conference on Advances in Steel Structures, Hong Kong, December 1999. Professor Rahimian holds US PATENT # 6,397,528 B1 for a "Coupled Truss systems with Damping for Seismic Protection of Buildings" and was an ACSE-CERF Pankow finalist for Innovation (2003) and a recipient of the AISC National Award (2003) for his work on the Torre Mayor, Mexico City, Mexico (the tallest building in Latin America). His recent projects include the Torre Mayor Office Tower, a 55-story, 1,300,000 sq ft office tower with 12 parking levels located in a severe seismic zone in Mexico City, and the 72-story Trump World Tower—The Tallest Residential Tower in the World, 845 United Nations Plaza, New York.

Associate Professor, Adjunct Faculty