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Sean West Sculley received his BA degree from Harvard College and a BA from the Columbia University School of Architecture. Before joining the faculty of the Cooper Union he was on the faculty of the School of Architecture at Columbia University and was on the visiting faculty of the Graduate School of Regional Planning and Landscape Architecture of the University of Pennsylvania. He has been honored by the New York City Municipal Arts Society, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, the Westchester Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and Suffolk County in New York State. He was formerly a partner of Sculley, Thoreson and Linard, and a former Associate at James Stewart Polshek, FAIA. He is currently in private practice. He has been published in Solitary Travelers (The Cooper Union) and other venues. He is engaged in ongoing research on the history of Landscape Architecture and public policy pertaining to theuse and protection of open space in the public realm, and the development of affordable housing in emerging countries. He is registered in the states of New York and Wisconsin.

Professor, Proportional-Time Faculty