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David Shapiro is a poet and art critic who has taught at Columbia University, Princeton university, and currently teaches at Patterson College and The Cooper Union. Among his publications are seven volumes of poetry, monographs on John Ashbury, Jim Dine, Jasper johns, and Piet Mondrian, He created an anthology entitled The New York Poets for Random House. A pioneer in the teaching of poetry to architects, he is preparing a volume on that subject. Shapiro is the recipient of many awards, including fellowships from the Merril Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters and the Graham Foundation. He contributed the afterword to a limited edition of Thomas Mann's The Black Swan, with illustrations by John Hejduk, with whom he has collaborated on many books, masques, and other architectural projects. His most recent book is After a Lost Original, with Terry Winters (Solo Press). His writings on Jewish subjects and the Bible are represented in Congregation and Testimony, both edited by David Rosenberg. Recently, he has co-translated The selected Poems of Jacques Dupin (Wake Forest) and The Eight Names of Picasso by Rafeal Alberti (Gas Station Editions).


Professor, Adjunct Faculty