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Valeo is an automotive original equipment manufacturer and a partner to major car and truck producers worldwide. In 1994 it began a major expansion program which consolidated its multiple administrative, design, testing, and research facilities located in the Detroit metropolitan area. Valeo has developed several corporate strategies that have directly influenced the design of this new facility. In response to the highly competitive auto market, it had integrated suppliers in the design and production process, created a high level of employee responsibility and activity, and encouraged collaborative work processes. This high-tech, 120,000-square-foot building was commissioned to support these aims and goals.

The design had to meet several challenges:

  • to support more flexible integrated team oriented work patterns
  • to house two formerly separate companies (Valeo Climate Control and Valeo Engine Cooling) in one building and create a unified identity
  • to integrate the design, sales, research, prototyping, project management and testing staff into cross-functional project teams which are structured around specific clients and product lines
  • to showcase the technical and research facilities of the company, as well as allow for highly confidential prototype development.

Associate Professor, Adjunct Faculty